“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.”

— Norman Cousins

Crisis Stabilization on Site (SOS)

Team Wellness Center recognizes that “a member in crisis” is part of the business norm for our industry. Given the varying degrees of diagnoses and with individuals at different stages in their recovery, we must be prepared to respond to a crisis.

Often, the response to the crisis can be more traumatic to the member than the initial trigger and/or their traumatic history. Therefore, Team has developed a program that emphasizes a more gentle and immediate approach to psychiatric emergencies that treat the member in place, at the outpatient clinic where the event occurs.

Our staff of psychiatric prescribers, nurses, and clinical therapists help the member to regroup, administer fast-acting medication (if necessary), and allows the member to rest in a quiet room that is welcoming and comfortable, away from the stimuli in the rest of the clinic. The member is under continuous watch and re-evaluation until the episode has passed and the treatment team clears them. No restraints are used.

The Stabilization On-site Program’s goal is to stabilize the symptoms and to engage or
re-engage the individual in an appropriate treatment service to address the problem(s) that led to the crisis. The capacity for mobile outreach exists when an individual is unable or unwilling to come to the clinic service site. Services offered assist in reducing hospitalization without compromising clinical outcomes.

The SOS program’s benefits and successes includes:

  • Members are treated by a clinical team that they already know and trust;
  • No disruption in the members medication regimen by a hospital or ER doctor who doesn’t know them and is not familiar with their case;
  • Tremendous cost-savings to the system and community because no ambulance, police, or emergency room personnel were involved;
  • Embodies essential values of timely access, least-restrictive interventions, strength-based prospective, trauma informed care, and a person-centered approach;
  • 24/7 Crisis Hotline and Warmlines;

We accept most major insurances including medicaid

For the uninsured, sliding fee schedule based on income available

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