“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.”

— Norman Cousins


As Mental Illness and Addiction Increases During Pandemic, Team Wellness Center is Hiring to Meet the Need

Detroit, MI (April 22, 2021) – With mental illness and overdose deaths across Wayne County climbing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Team Wellness Center today announced plans to increase capacity to provide services by hiring for 40 positions across its network of treatment facilities.

The company is hiring for the following positions: licensed therapists, social workers, registered nurses, psychiatric nurse practitioners, crisis call center agents, and peer support specialists. Team Wellness Center is also seeking to add security personnel and culinary staff.

“The need for mental health and substance use services was already increasing prior to COVID-19, but it has accelerated during the pandemic,” said Elizabeth Cichon, Team Wellness Center Vice President. “We are adding staff to treat more people while continuing to offer affordable, quality, community-based care.”

Team Wellness Center operates two outpatient clinics in Detroit and another in Southgate. The agency also operates a crisis stabilization unit, primary care & dental clinic, and residential jail diversion treatment program. Positions are open at all locations.

Licensed therapists are the greatest need for the agency and they are needed in each clinic to provide in-person services. As more people are opting for virtual appointments, Team Wellness Center is also accepting applications from licensed therapists who desire to work remotely and provide telehealth services.

Job applicants can apply at https://teamwellness.aidaform.com/application or send resumes to hr@t-mhs.com.

For a full list of available positions go to www.teamwellnesscenter.com/careers.