“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.”

— Norman Cousins

Pathways to Supportive Employment

Our Employment Program connects employers with valuable employees. The Employment program is a win-win opportunity for employers to find dedicated employees, while job-seekers secure and sustain employment that can provide long-term financial stability
Out ream approach to helping our members find employment is called the “Individualized Placements & Supports Program” because we tailor preparation, job placement and on-going support for each member’s needs
We can help with:

  • Resume development
  • Vocational training
  • Job searches
  • Interview preparation
  • Job placement
  • Working with employers to connect the most qualified candidates to the best position for them
  • Providing supportive “teams” and guidance to ensure the employee is punctual, responsible and reliable
  • On-going employee assessments and skill-building
  • Building and maintaining relationships with employers so that we can continuously provide good employees
  • Housing

Accepts most major insurances

For the uninsured, sliding fee schedule based on income available

Useful info and health tips