“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.”

— Norman Cousins


Behavioral Health Provider Expands Call Center to 24-Hour Suicide Hotline


Detroit, MI (September 19, 2019) – Team Wellness Center (Team) has expanded the scope of its behavioral health call center to include a direct link to its Psychiatric Urgent Care and Suicide Prevention assistance, 24-Hours a day. Located in Wyandotte, the call center will handle calls for Team’s four locations and the communities of greater Wayne County.

888-813-TEAM is the agency’s new toll-free behavioral health hotline. Individuals in need of mental health or substance use assistance will be able to speak with live, traumainformed, suicide prevention specialists, who will help them and/or connect them to the appropriate response team.

“A crisis can occur at any time and we must be ready to help those in need.” said Pamela Jastrabek, President and CEO of Team Wellness Center. “24-hour access is vitally important for individuals and families in a crisis.”

The expanded call center and hotline comes just in time for Team’s latest social media campaign. September is National Suicide Prevention Month and Team has launched a Facebook campaign to raise awareness about suicide and prevention.

Team, which serves to more than 15,000 Wayne County residents, opened a 24-hour Psychiatric Urgent Care Unit in May. The unit is equipped to provide emergency response for mental health crises including addiction and suicidal ideation.

To reach the Team Wellness Call Center call 888-813-TEAM. To learn more about Team Wellness Center go to www.teamwellnesscenter.com.

For additional information about National Suicide Prevention Month, go to www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org.