Specialty Treatment Teams

Sixteen specialty treatment teams provide tailor-made care for our members’ specific needs

Schizophrenic? A team called “A Beautiful Mind” can help. Just released from prison? The “Freedom” team can assist with establishing a new life. Want to incorporate spiritual beliefs into therapy? The “Higher Calling” team has the answers.

These are three of Team Wellness Center’s 16 Specialty Treatment Teams that are providing comprehensive care for men and women with affirming language, innovative ideas and creative techniques that break the mold of traditional therapy and treatment programs.

“We’re excited to help our members by engaging each person in breakthrough ways that inspire health and healing,” says Team Wellness Center President Pamela Lamb. “Our teams tailor treatment to each person based on their needs, while using a team of experts who each offer a unique form of care and communication.”

Every team provides each member with one therapist, two Care Coordinators, a Peer Support Specialist, a primary care physician, a psychiatrist, nursing staff, family members and member allies.

“Our teams enable us to provide comprehensive, integrated health plans that meet each person where they are,” says Clinical Supervisor Jerry Caughey. “We’re giving them a sense of purpose, which can be the difference between success and failure.”

Here’s a description of each Specialty Treatment Team and how they provide tailor-made care for the specific needs of our members.



This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center enables individuals with schizophrenia to realize that they have infinite potential to change their lives and the world around them, by regaining a sense of dignity and potential. Life with the complex diagnosis of schizophrenia can be extremely lonely and frightening; this team helps individuals and their families access support to cope and thrive. Interventions such as art therapy, dance therapy and music therapy, tap into emotions and creativity to help men and women realize that anything is possible. Join us, so we can celebrate and cultivate your Beautiful Mind!


Borderline Personality Disorder

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center utilizes a treatment philosophy known as DBT or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. It focuses on helping members with Borderline Personality Disorder and chronic, co-morbid conditions. The team aims to assist members through validating themselves, improving their interpersonal effectiveness and practicing mindfulness. DBT is a highly structured treatment that resembles a class. It begins with an interview, then uses group models as treatment, which help people understand their history of coping with stressors in life, and how they can use new, more effective alternatives that create better outcomes. This team can help you triumph as you’re Facing Changes!


Adult ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Do you have Adult ADHD? Our Specialty Team can help you FOCUS! This Specialty Team assists men and women who have Adult ADHD, or Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The FOCUS Team can help you achieve your highest potential by providing assistance so that you can concentrate in school and work, and improve your life on every level. This team is especially passionate about helping college students excel in school with the ability to focus on going to class, studying, managing time and staying organized, meeting deadlines and scoring well on tests. The FOCUS Group meets several times each week to discuss topics that include: how to increase focus and concentration; understanding ADHD and treatment strategies; seeking support and understanding for family members; and how to thrive as a college student. We can help you FOCUS!


recently released from prison/on parole

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center assists men and women who have been recently released from prison and/or are on parole. Leaders of this experienced team help the men and women adhere to the criteria of their parole conditions, and ensure that they are receiving treatment for mental illness and/or addiction so that they can become their best and strive to achieve success. The Freedom team leaders are equipped with real-life experience and effective training to help men and women break through barriers and abandon past patterns of thinking and behaving. That helps them create a healthy, productive and purposeful future. Let us maximize the positive potential of your Freedom!


grief & trauma

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center helps individuals cope with grief and trauma. Therapeutic interventions enable members to recognize their emotional state, identify triggers, and implement strategies to regain control over their lives. Trauma can result from childhood abuse, illness, gun violence, prostitution, sexual assault, the emotional distress of family separations due to abandonment, drugs, imprisonment, and many more factors. This team provides men and women with a sensitive, nurturing environment in which to heal and regain a sense of self and purpose in life. We welcome you to join our team that is Healing Hearts!


women healing & recovering

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center helps women heal, recover and strive to achieve their highest potential in every aspect of their lives. This is beneficial for women who have been exploited and abused, and they feel hopeless and worthless as a result. Her Point of View aims to empower women to believe in themselves, take action to improve their lives, and utilize effective resources for healing and recovery. To do this, the team provides the sensitivity and experience to understand issues that women face so that they can regain a sense of pride in who they are, as well as recognize their value and build productive, satisfying lives. Let Her Point of View be a healing haven for you!


faith-based therapy

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center incorporates an individual’s religious beliefs into the process of healing from mental illness and recovering from substance abuse. Team leaders implement comprehensive treatment programs that utilize resources, techniques and interventions that draw from an individual’s faith. Drawing from one’s religious and spiritual beliefs can provide powerful inspiration to succeed in treatment and recovery. To facilitate that, each team is knowledgeable about religious cultures and plans treatment accordingly. We want to help you find your Higher Calling to enjoy wellness in mind, body and spirit!


Developmental Disabilities

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center empowers men and women with developmental disabilities to maximize their potential for a better quality of life. Mastering Milestones’ mission is to promote autonomy, safety, and independence to individuals who are experiencing cognitive and physical challenges. The team also works with families to assist in understanding the needs of people with developmental disabilities. Mastering Milestones partners with internal and external organizations to assist the individual in cultivating their unique strengths. Services include advocacy, supports coordination, self-determination, supportive housing and employment, medication management, integrated health care, educational and vocational opportunities, peer mentoring, skill building, interpreters, respite care, and more. The team teaches how to embrace one’s intrinsic worth through the self-proclamation of “I’m possible.” We want to guide your journey toward Mastering Milestones!


non-English speakers

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center assists men and women who come from other countries and cultures where English is not their first language. This team’s bilingual leaders help individuals to navigate treatment in their native languages, including Arabic and Spanish, while also providing instruction on understanding American cultural practices that may impact their treatment. This team is also skilled at encouraging individuals to sustain treatment, even if they come from a culture that stigmatizes mental illness and discourages acknowledgement of it, and treatment for it. We want to show you that total wellness has No Borders!



This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center specializes in helping veterans who surrendered their civilian lives to protect and defend our country and its allies. The veterans who lead this team provide the sensitivity and understanding that our veterans need to recover and heal. In doing so, this team offers solid, effective guidance on how to overcome the aftermath of combat and the challenges of returning to civilian life. This team also helps veterans obtain and sustain housing, employment, education, physical health, positive personal changes and much more. We are happy to celebrate each of our veterans as One More Hero.


people in treatment centers

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center helps members who come to us from treatment centers, often at the lowest point in their lives. The team connects the men and women with services and resources to rebuild their lives outside the treatment centers; they are nurtured in a non-judgmental manner with individualized care that addresses their specific needs to succeed in recovery from substance abuse, as well as in overcoming any barriers presented by mental illness, physical health problems and their experience in the legal system. This Team is grateful for the opportunity to help the men and women who come to us from Partner Houses!


preventing mental breakdowns

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center specializes in helping men and women who have frequent hospitalizations as well as severe and intense emotional breakdowns that threaten their safety and the safety of others. The team resembles a mental health triage unit that seeks to quickly stabilize people so they can remain in the community and benefit from therapeutic interventions over time. Its ultimate goal is to enable members to achieve wellness in mind, body and spirit. To do this, men and women are provided with strategic treatment that addresses health and safety, and can help them establish stability fairly rapidly so that less urgent mental health interventions can build self-esteem and self- worth, and help them return back to work or school. Allow us to serve as your Peace Seekers!



This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center addresses the many complex issues that affect people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The group addresses questions such as, how does a transgender person decide whether to use the men’s or women’s restroom in public? How does a gay man from a culture of machismo attend a family gathering? How does a gay or lesbian person face life after being disowned by his or her family? This team helps the LGBT community cope with life and cultivate confidence and self-esteem while healing from mental illness and recovering from addiction. Let us help you embrace life on your own terms as you succeed on an empowered journey of health and healing! Let us help you say “Picture Me!” as your best, most successful and confident self!


age 55+ or medically fragile

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center offers a warm, nurturing environment for people who are over age 55, or who are medically fragile at any age. We celebrate our seniors with innovative treatment and programs that are energetic, optimistic and fun. For example, one therapist offers a presentation called “I’m Over 80 and Loving It!” and features pictures of an 83-year-old woman skydiving! That’s because this team coordinates services for people in ways that enable them to see infinite possibilities for the rest of their lives, rather than seeing the older years as a time of inactivity, isolation and possibly despair. For people who are medically fragile — and perhaps dealing with grave illnesses such as cancer or hepatitis — this team helps individuals cope with the ups and downs of their condition in a way that’s comforting and affirming. Let us share our Tender Care with you!


mental illness & addiction

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center assists men and women who have a mental illness as a primary issue, and substance abuse as a secondary matter. Reaching for Recovery recognizes that addiction may have shattered these individuals’ hope for a healthy, stable life, so the team helps them to think beyond their circumstances to begin creating a better future. It addresses the questions, “What kind of life do you have when you’re living happily ever after your challenges are addressed?” and “Who and what will you become when you know that anything is possible?” To accomplish that, this team connects people with educational programs and housing after mental illness and drug use have exhausted their resources. Join us while you are Reaching for Recovery!


people with Medicaid and Medicare

This Specialty Team at Team Wellness Center specializes in helping individuals who are covered by both Medicaid and Medicare. These men and women are typically older, and may have physical health needs that include Alzheimer’s, dementia and other illnesses that affect people as they age. This team nurtures seniors with treatment and sensitivity that counter society’s tendency to celebrate youth in ways that show prejudice toward aging. That’s important as this team helps men and women cope with behavioral or cognitive changes that accompany aging physically. The team provides integrated health care to optimize each member’s greatest potential. We want to help you feel your best, Times 2!

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