Feeling blue? You won’t be after you watch this video!

The results are in for the annual video competition between Team Wellness Center’s Eastern Market Clinic and Southgate Clinic.

The videos were played May 9 at the Annual All Company Meeting in Shed 5 in Eastern Market, as all 250 staff members joined executive leadership to celebrate award-winning employees, innovations and phenomenal growth.

The first video, made by the Eastern Market Clinic staff, featured ballroom dancing and Michael Brock’s rendition of the Michael Jackson song, “We Are The World” re-written to praise the extraordinary teamwork at Team Wellness Center. It was excellent!

But the second video, showing a forlorn man entering the Southgate Clinic, where he burst into a big smile upon encountering dancing, smiling therapists, nurses and administrators, all skipping around to R.E.M.’s upbeat song, “Shiny Happy People” won the Best Video award.

Here it is. Watch and smile!


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