“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.”

— Norman Cousins

Women's Residential Recovery Services

Introducing Team West!
Team West is a modern 32-bed residential recovery program run by women, for women. Women who come to Team West are provided with the 24/7 care and support needed to recover from addiction. Our peer-led treatment team will assess, treat, and stabilize women with substance use disorders while addressing issues that may be perpetuating their addiction. Treatment services include groups, individual sessions, and medication-assisted treatment.

The program is conducted from our NEW multi-purpose Westland facility. Our warm and compassionate setting supports participants in the recovery process and provides safe shelter for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. It is also a great environment for helping female returning citizens with substance use disorders transition back into the community.

Services offered include:

  • Substance Use Recovery
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Individual and Group Clinical Therapy
  • Peer Support and Mentorship
  • Mental Health Treatment including Psychiatry and Case Management
  • Domestic Violence Victims Support
  • Human Trafficking Assistance
  • Skill Building & Pre-Vocational Training
  • Adult Education & G.E.D. Classes
  • Primary Care and Dental Services
  • Employment Assistance
  • Socialization and Recreation
  • Family Reunification

Immediate Bed Availability & 24/7 Admissions:
For referrals and immediate placement call Team at 888-813-TEAM(8326).

Who We Serve:
Women with substance use disorders and victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking. We also serve adult female offenders who have been released or diverted from jail or prison.

Team West is located at 34290 Ford Rd. Westland, MI 48185

Women Helping Women

We accept most major insurances including medicaid

For the uninsured, sliding fee schedule based on income available

Useful info and health tips